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KansasNet is in association with Fox Business Systems – Manhattan and the surrounding area’s full service Computer and Networking Store

Please give us a call at 785- 776-1452

Other Services We Offer

Domain Registration

Owning a domain name (for example yourdomain.com) is the key first step to having your own website and email addresses @yourdomain.com. To register, renew, or transfer a domain name online today Click Here

Email Services

Most of our services include at least one email address, however KansasNet can provide you or your organization with additional POP3email inboxes, including email addresses @your-domain.com

Thawte SSL Certification

Do you want to accept credit cards online? Need to secure and establish trust for data being transferred on your organization’s website? Whatever your reasons a Thawte SSL certificate is for you. Thawte is the second largest certification authority worldwide, and provides 99.9% browser compatibility. To get your SSL certificate Click Here

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